Full-Line Vehicle Electronics Portfolio

The WVE™ full-line brand portfolio for Aftermarket vehicle electronics builds upon a foundation of premium full-line programs established in NGK Spark Plugs ignition and NTK sensor products. The introduction of 215 product types for connectors, emissions, ignition, relays, solenoids and switch categories is part of WVE's ongoing commitment to streamline product types and increase coverage under one brand, without adding unnecessary design costs. 


In short, by choosing WVE™, you’re doing more than fixing a problem; you’re often preventing other, unforeseen issues down the road.



Featured WVE™ Products

•    Distributor Cap
•    Distributor Rotor
•    Distributor Ignition Pickup
•    Ignition Control Module  


•    EGR Valve
•    Engine Variable Timing Solenoid
•    Evaporative Emissions System Leak Detection Pump
•    Idle Air Control Valve
•    Vapor Canister
•    Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid
•    Vapor Canister Shut-Off Valve
•    Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid


•    HVAC Blower Motor Resistor
•    Ignition Switch
•    Headlight Switch
•    Combination Switch
•    Engine Oil Pressure Switch
•    Brake Light Switch
•    Neutral Safety Switch
•    Door Window Switch


•    Automatic Transmission Control Solenoid
•    Automatic Transmission Kickdown Solenoid
•    Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid
•    Starter Solenoid
•    Turbocharger Boost Solenoid


•    AC Clutch Relay
•    AC Compressor Control relay
•    AC Compressor Cut-Out Relay
•    AC Condenser Fan Motor Relay
•    ABS Control Relay
•    ABS Modulator Relay
•    ABS Pump and Motor Relay
•    ABS Warning Light Relay
•    Accessory Delay Relay
•    Accessory Power Relay
•    Active Suspension Relay
•    Adjustable Pedal Relay
•    Air Suspension Compressor Relay
•    Anti-Dieseling Relay
•    Anti-Theft Relay
•    Audio Amplifier Relay
•    Auto Shut Down Relay
•    Automatic Headlight Control Relay
•    Automatic Transmission Axle Relay
•    Auxiliary Engine Cooling Fan Relay
•    Auxiliary Heater Relay
•    Back Up Light Relay
•    Battery Charge Relay

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•    ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Connector
•    Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor Connector
•    Cornering Light Connector
•    Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor Connector
•    Fog Light Connector
•    Headlight Connector
•    Headlight Low Beam Light Connector
•    Ignition Switch Connector

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