As onboard electronics and driver amenities continue to proliferate on modern passenger vehicles, the number of electrical relays and other supporting components also increases. Today’s vehicles contain 20 or more relays, serving everything from the air-conditioning system to the windshield wiper motor. The failure of any of these advanced components can cause a variety of problems ranging from driveability complaints (stalling, poor idle, etc.) to a power window that won’t operate.

WVE™ offers the automotive Aftermarket’s most complete line of OE quality replacement relays so you can find exactly the right part with one call or trip to your nearest WVE™ supplier.

Testing & Manufacturing

  • Life cycle testing for over 60,000 cycles    

  • Temperature testing to withstand -40C to 125C 

Featured Relays


AC Clutch Relay Accessory Delay Relay Air Suspension Compressor Relay
Back Up Light Relay Battery Charge Relay  

For additional information on these or any other premium-quality relay, simply contact your nearest WVE™ supplier.



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