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To ensure trouble-free operation from your solenoid selection, be certain to choose the correct solenoid for the application. Our selection chart illustrates the various voltage operating ranges as well as the operating characteristics of the solenoid.

Note that not all of our illustrations contain the "S" and "I" terminal location, not all solenoids are embossed with these terminal details, a volt meter may be required to determine circuit function. For further assistance in circuit wire connection, contact our Technical Services Department for assistance; click "Contact Us" below.

CAUTION! Do not use an intermittent duty solenoid for a continuous duty application.

When you are selecting a solenoid for a specific application, use our E-Catalog Section or contact our Application Department for assistance.

WVE Vehicle Electronics is not responsible for any damage which may occur due to the use of our parts in applications outside the guideline listed in our catalog.

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