The starting and charging system is virtually transparent to the vehicle owner; with the exception of the common one- or two-second activation of the starter, the system is both silent and invisible – until there’s a malfunction.

Diagnosing a “no-start” situation requires attention to multiple factors beyond the battery, alternator and starter. In fact, many customers wrongly assume that a faulty starter or alternator is at fault when the actual cause is a circuit integrity issue such as corroded wiring and terminals and/or a failed voltage regulator, solenoid, relay or other electronics.

Modern starting/charging systems encompass dozens of components. WVE™ has a full for virtually any replacement part required to restore the integrity of a vehicle's electrical circuit. Each WVE™component is manufactured to meet or exceed the OE part.

Testing & Manufacturing 

  • Premium terminal materials to ensure electrical connectivity and longer service life

  • Pre-applied O-Rings when applicable, for ease of installation

  • First in the industry to pioneer a searchable database based on attributes, not applications allowing technicians to search by amperage or electrical load capability

Featured Solenoids

Automatic Transmission Control 

Automatic Transmission Kickdown 

Turbocharger Boost




Contact your WVE™ provider for solenoids and dozens of other OE quality starting/charging system products.

Starting / Charging

The WVE™ Difference

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